Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I have finally finished the rough draft of my novel and now am in major rewrite mode.  So I feel that I am on the right track. 

I carry my notebook with me so I can write ideas down so I won't forget anything.

I know it is hard to write and have a full time job, but I am finding time to write at least a few hours a day.

Any helpful hints on how to do a major rewrite?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pay It Forward

There is a tag party at facebook   one can go post their book  if they are willing to like and tag the other authors that have posted.

It takes some time to go through the list but it is a good way to see what others are doing out there and realize that you may have to step up your game.

I know that I have to.  I have to get more serious and get more writing done.  I wrote 10 pages tonight and spent a couple of hours tagging the other authors.

I think it is good to help other writers if they are willing to help you.

I need to get back to my writing, cause that is what I do.  I write.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Romance In The Mist Of Zombies

Do you think think one can find romance in the mist of Zombies?????  Love is everywhere, even when one is killing Zombies and end up coverd in Love.

Zombie Zoo Series has it all, Love, Violence, Friendship, and a wolf named Thomas.

Zombie Zoo is a hundred years into the future and they are still looking for a cure, but what happens when Zombies get smarter and humans are out numbered.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I am almost done with my story and then comes the dreaded editing.  So I am going to enjoy writing the last scenes before the editing.

What is driving me to finish this story is that I want to start another story.

I will edit and get this book published in about 3 months that is my goal.  I want to hold another book in my hands.  That will make it three print books though I have 7 e-books on sale on

So I am excited. 

What drives you to write???  Do you like to Edit?  If you do, do you have any advice for me.  I need all the help I can get.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Book Covers

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Ten Pages and Counting

I just wrote 10 pages.   I tried to blog earlier and there was an error, whatever that meant.  I went off line and wrote ten pages and now I am back blogging. 

I know that I could of stayed on line and wasted time.  Something always go wrong, when I am on the computer, but I don't get upset, I just move onto something else. 

I know that I am getting close to the editing stage and that is the part I do not like.  I like to write.  I like putting words on paper, but in order to be published I have to edit.  So within a week or so I will be in edit mode.  I am enjoying the time right now, just writing and seeing where the story goes. 

I like my story and can not wait to see it in print.  Welcome to Zombie Zoo will be a print book and an
E-Book.  So I am excited to hold the book in my hands. 

I am going to combine all 5 short stories into one book.  I am also including another short story on how it all started.  The book will be one story. 

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Setting Goals

I think it is a good idea to set goals. Whether it is a small goal or a big goal.  A goal for the day or for the future.  Setting goals will give you direction and something to work for and something to think about.

Stop dreaming and start doing.  Set your goals and start even if you have to make baby steps.

What are your goals, your dreams.  Let me know and together we could make it happen.

If you want to write that book, let me know.  You are not alone in writing.

Write your goals on paper and watch your dreams come true.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Characters Are Alive

Do you believe your characters are alive????  Mine are.  They don't leave me alone till I start writing and finish their story.  I am working on a story, but my characters don't think I am writing fast enough.  They want their story to be told and won't leave me alone. 

I write when I am at work.  Before I go to work and when I get home.  That is not good enough for my characters.  Most people have to worry about people barging in on their time.  I have to worry about my characters demanding all my time. 

Does anyone else out there have this problem???  I don't really consider it a problem, but my characters won't leave me alone. 

Let me know how you deal with this problem.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


All GOD wants from us is to believe.

What do you believe in?????

Do you believe in GOD?????  If not, why not????   Something to think about.

You believe in something, what is it????

GOD is the answer.  What is your question??????  Ask GOD and he will answer you.

I believe GOD.  DO You????

Help Others

Writing is very lonely business.  One way to stay connected to people, other writers, is to read other writer's work.  Tell them what you like and don't like and they will do the same for you.  It is one way to stay connected to the outside world and you don't even have to leave your house.

Join writer's groups.  Get involved and help other writer's and they will help you.  You will feel better and it is a way of finding out what others are working on. 

So get out there and reach out to other writers.  We need to help each other,  writing can be lonely.

Monday, June 4, 2012

50 Pages 10,000 words

I have been writing for the past two days and finally reached 50 pages and 10,000 words.  I feel that once I hit page fifty the other pages will follow and the story will be finished.

I feel that the first 50 pages are the hardest.  So now I am just going to write and finish the story.

Once I hit page 50 I seem to write faster.  I am very excited. 

Writing is not easy.  Not sure why anyone would want to write, but I like seeing the pages pile up.  I print out a hard copy on everything.  So my story may be finished sooner than I thought.  So I am just going to write and see those pages pile up.

What are you waiting for?  Write and watch your pages pile up.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Days Off

I have my days off and I planned on writing.  Do Iwant to write?  Not really.  I am tired and it is rainy outside and I have female problems, but I am going to write whether I want to or not.  That is the only way I am going to get the story written. 

sherrilyn Kenyon is one of my favorite writers and am awe of how many books she writes and how long the books are.  She writes no matter what I that is what I am going to have to do.  Power through. 

I have no excuses for not writing and not producing.  So today, make no excuses and just write no matter what and don't waste your days off only thinking about writing. 

I am off to work on my story.  Hope you do the same.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Excitied About Writing

I am excited everytime I pick up a pen to write.  I love to write.  I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go.  I don't care what people at work think.  I get some comments on the fact that I am always carrying a notebook or writing something in it.  People make remarks , like  "What are you doing, writing a Book?  My reply, "Yes I am."

One customer asked me what I do, and I told them I was a writer.  Told them my website and handed them a postcard with the cover of my book.  I am no longer shy about being a writer.  I will tell anyone and everyone that I am a writer.  I will hand out out my business cards and postcards to promote myself. 

When I do write I am happy and know this is what I am supose to be doing.  I don't think of writing as work, I have to write. 

So get excited about your writing and get excited about talking about your writing.  There are people who will be excited for you, but first you have to get excited about your writing.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Read

Need a good book to read this summer???

Check out my book  Always & Forever: 

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Lake Sherry is a small town, isolated off the main highway.  The residents of Lake Sherry believe that people find their small town cause they were suppose to.  The residents of Lake Sherry believe the Legend Of Jessica...They are out to protect Jessica and The Legend.  Years ago, Jessica died one stormy night, waiting for her true love.  The Legend of Jessica states that on stormy nights Jessica walks the woods looking for her lost love.

In Always and Forever Samantha learns that The Jordan House is up for sale.  The house Jessica died in that house.  She gives up her life in the city for life in the country.  She is determined to save The Jordan House.  What she didn't expect was to find Douglas camped out in front of the house, working for a development company.  Can the Spirit of Jessica guide these two to true love or will their differences tear them apart?

Come to Lake Sherry and get to know the residents and see how love, hope and a friendly spirit makes everyday special in Lake Sherry

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