Monday, April 29, 2013

Writing-Editting Publishing-Promoting

I just published Episode 5 Surviving Among Zombies 

I am Editting Episode 6 All Is Lost  Published May 15 2013

I am Editting Episode 7 Zombies Changed The Landscape Published June 1, 2013

Episode 8 is Written and is ready to Edit.

Episode 9 I am writing now, tonight

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Immortal Zombie Hunter-Connor

100 Hundred years after the first Zombie Outbreak, Connor was still alive.  He accepted his life of being Immortal.  He choose to stay at Zombie Zoo and watch over the Zombies till there was a cure found.  He didn't see anyone.  He stayed at the Zoo that once housed animals, now housed Zombies.

Amber was tired.  She was tired of being hungry.  She was tired of having nothing.  She heard rumors that some hid animals when the outbreak happened.  She was determined for a better life.  She wanted a life, that was before the break out.  She had read the magazines and newspapers and wanted more, cure or no cure.

Amber broke into Zombie Zoo, looking for animals.  Instead she found Connor.

Connor realized that she immortal, though Amber didn't.  Amber didn't remember how old she was.

Could Connor and Amber be the hope for the human race?

Read Amber and Connor's story.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Never Give UP On Your Writing

Episode 5 

I am publishing 1-2 Episodes of Me VS Zombies  this year.  My sales are increasing everyday.  I can say that I am selling books everyday.

This is not a qick rich scheme.  I want a career as a writer.  I am writing everyday.  I am blogging, facebook, tweeting.  On my days off I am writing at least 12 hours a day. 

Last year, I went 4 months where I did not sell one book.  I just kept writing and I think it is paying off this year.  I am totally commited to writing.

Are you committed to your writing??
Are you writing every day??
 Do you have a plan??
Do you have a 1 year plan, 2 year plan 3 year plan
Can you write 5,000 words to complete a short story???
Do you want to be published??


Follow me and I will tell you how I am doing this.  I believe that you need to get your stories up and let people find you.

What are you waiting for????

Write that story and get self published today!!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Surviving Among Zombies

Episode 5 of Me VS Zombies  Surviving Among Zombies


Publishing Schedule

I just published Episode 5 of Me VS Zombies  Surviving Among Zombies  99 Cents

Publishing Schedule for May

Episode 6  May 14, 2013

Episode 7  May 31, 2013

Publishing In June

Episode 8

Episode 9

Publish in July

Episode 10

Episode 11

Publish in August

Episode 12

That means that I wrote and published 12 Episodes of Me VS Zombies  in 8 Months.

I orginally only thought I could write and publish 10 Episodes in one year.  Turns out that if one puts their mind to something, anything can happen. 

I am planning 12 more episodes.  It will be the next leg of the journey on getting to the bunker. 

Then there will be 12 more episodes once they arrive to the bunker.

Flesh Eaters are not going away.  They are already dead. 

Check out Welcome to Zombie Zoo  100 years after the first Zombie Outbreak


I just uploaded #5 Episode of Me VS Zombies

I have the price wrong.  It is listed as $99.00 instead of .99 Cents

I will fix the price problem as soon as it gets published.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Write 10,000 Words A Week Publish 2 Stories A Month

I have upped my word count.  I am writing 10,000 words a week.  I am not saying that I will reach that goal, but I think it is a good idea to keep raising the bar.

This month I published Episode 4 Road of Destruction

The 22nd of this month I will publish episode 5 Surviving Among Zombies

My goal is to publish 2 a month, though I know that it will not always work out.

With Editing that takes more time. 

I have always heard that the more e-books one have out, the more one will sell.

I am testing that therory.  I do believe it is working.  I will let you know, after Episode 5 comes out.

I have seen a spike in my sales this month and I hope it will still grow when I publish Episode 5.

So get busy.  Up your word count

Publish a short story.

It is not as hard as you may think.

Follow me as I publish a story every month this year and next year 2014.

Yes, I have decicded to go ahead and continue this series through out next year.  That will be 24 E-Books in 2 years.

I am also going to write a book on how I am doing all this.

It does take a lot of time, if I am not working at my job that pays the bills, then I am writing on this series.

Follow me as I create a series one story at a time.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Other Books By Sharon Lee Johnson

If you like my Zombie series  Zombie Zoo & Me VS Zombies

Check out my Paranormal Romance   Always and Forever  E-Book


My Testimony to GOD

My Bible--My God


New Cover

Changed the Cover for Episode 5  Surviving Among Zombies   Love the Zombie Head  How cool is that??

See how it starts from the beginning

Zombies on Board

So This Is Christmas

Take Nothing For Granted

Road Of Destruction

Episode 5th April 22nd

Monday, April 15, 2013

Writing Up Date

I just sent episode 5 to the formatter.

 I made an appointment for May 14 to have Episode 6 Formatted.

I am working with my person who does my book covers.  I have the cover for episode 5 .

So I am on track for a story a month.  In April, I will have published 2 Episodes in one month.  That was not planned.  Everything lined up.

I would like to Publish 2 episodes a month, but I will not push it.  If I can publish once a month and I think that will work.

I have already decided to keep doing this next year.  I have the next 12 Episodes plotted out. 

This does take a lot of time, effort and energy.  I am consumed with these stories. 

Hope you like the New Cover for Episode 5 Coming Next Week

See how it all started  Zombies on Board

Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Cover Me VS Zombies Survivng Among Zombies


MAY 22,2013  {If all goes well} 

What do you think????

Zombies On Board

So This Is Christmas

Take Nothing For Granted

Road of Destruction

Surviving Among Zombies  Coming May 22, 2013

My life wasn't that great.  I worked in a bar.  Serving drinks to pay the rent.  That is where I met Benny.  He was just released from prison.  His smile attracted me to him.  So when he asked me to go away to an island off the coast of Florida, why would I stay no?  Little did I know that people were infected by a virus that would change the world as I know it.

I survived on that boat, by killing humans that turned into Zombies.  Before Benny turned, he told me where he lived and where he built a bunker to hide from police.  It was stocked with supplies.  I could live there for years if I rationed the food and bottle water. 

I arrived back on land.  and met Johnny.  He made me feel things I never thought was possible.  I was a different woman since this outbreak happened.  Johnny and I became an item, if that is possible with Zombies roaming around. 

Then I came upon a dog.  I think the dog found me.  I named her Wilma.  A shaggy white and black dog that seemed to sense when Zombies were coming before they arrived.  Wilma has saved my life a few times. 

Soon it was time to leave the island.  Getting across the bridge was a challenge.  Once we crossed the bridge and was on the mainland, we came across a ten year old girl, who grew up faster than she should of .

The four of us are on our way to the midwest, to Heart Town, where the Bunker is.  Nothing is going to stop me, not Zombies and not Humans.  The Bunker it the answer to our survival.

Join me as I travel north to get to the Bunker.  Zombies are a threat, but I think Humans are more of a threat. 


Don't forget WELCOME TO ZOMBIE ZOO   100 years after the first outbreak Humans are still looking for a cure

Read Amber and Connor's Story.  There is still hope for the future.  Love is still alive and with a little luck, you can find your true love even with Zombies lurking around

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Zombies 100 Years later

If you are enjoying the series of Me VS Zombiew with Summer Morgan

Check out this series Zombie Zoo  Are there animals left in the world?  Are Humans looking for a cure?  Amber and Connor think there is still hope for the future.

Read their story:

Zombie Zoo  1st Episode

Welcome To Zombie Zoo   All 5 Episodes including a bonus Episode

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Writing Is A business

If you do not think of yourself as a business person, you will never make it as a writer.


1.  Save all your reciepts that is spent on writing for taxes, you can deduct you expenses
2.  Have a full time job??  Writing is now your part time job.  Show up and work.
3.  Commit to your writing as you would any other job.
4.  If you do not show up to write, your story will not get written, then it will not be published
5.  Get business cards, hand them out, and tell people you are a writer and be poud of it.  E-Book

Print Book

I wrote and published Welcome to Zombie Zoo.  If I didn't show up to the computer to write, edit, publish and promote.  It would never of been published. 

I am a Writer.  I still have a full time job.  Writing is my part time job, but not for long.  I will be self employed as a writer.  That is my goal.  It will never happen if I don't show up to work.

I am a writer.  Start acting like a writer.  You are a business person and as a business person, you need to show up and write

Christmas With Zombies

If there is a Zombie Outbreak, will there still be Christmas?????

Will the meaning of Christmas mean anything?????

Summer Morgan thinks so.  She is finding a safe place to stay.  She stumbles upon a house that is decorated for Christmas.  Can she celebrate Christmas, while hiding from Zombies.  Will anything be the same, since Zombies topped the food chain???

This is the second Episode of Me VS Zombies.

This is the 1st Episode of Me VS Zombies  See how it all started on a fishing boat.

Summer went on the boat with her boyfriend, Benny.  To bad an infected Human was on board.  What is a girl to do when everyone arounds her turns into a zombie

Episode 5   Coming May 22, 2013


It can be done.  Follow me as I publish a story every month.  If I am not writing, I am editting, if I am not edittin, I am promoting.  I am always working or thinking about my writing.  

Follow me as I publish 12 episodes of Me VS Zombies this year...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paranormal Romance Always & Forever

Before I started writing Zombie Books, I wrote Always And Forever  E-Book  Print Book

Samantha always beleived that she saw the spirit of her Great-Great Grandmother in the woods one story night, while spending the summer at Lake Sherry.  Now she is all grown up and her Cousin, Larry is planning on selling the Jordan Place.  The house that her Great-Great Grandmother's true love built by hand. 

Samantha sets out to Lake Sherry, giving up her penthouse and manicures for the country life to save the Jordan Place.  Little did she know that there was already a developer there, ready to buy the house, the land and all her child hood memories.

Little did she know that she would fall in love with the man who didn't believe in ghosts or spirits.

Can the Samantha's Great-Grat Grandmother's Spirit bring these  to people together???

Anything is possible at Lake Sherry, with a Spirit wandering in the woods.

Don't forget that Episode of Me VS Zombies is out  Road of Destruction

Episode 5 will be out May 22,2013

Welcome to Zombie Zoo

Monday, April 8, 2013

Editting- Writing -Publishing

The past two weeks on my two days off I wrote 6,000 words in two days and the next week I wrote 7,000 words on my two days off.  Wow!!

So I decided to up my word count to 10,000 words a week.  I thinkI can do that.

Guess what?  This week when I have my two days off, I am tired and don't want to write.  Why is this happening???? 

I have to Edit, Edit, Edit.  I have two weeks till I have to publish Episode 5 of Me VS Zombies.

I have the next 5 Episodes plotted out, but the editting is getting in my way of writing. 

Not sure how to balance the two.  I am just doing what needs to be done first.

I am editting right now and I am writing in longhand.  Life does get in the way, but nothing is getting in my way of publishing a short story a month.  I will then combine all 12 stories into one book.  I did this with Welcome To Zombie Zoo  I then added a bonus story.  I got my name out there, along with my writing.  The sales are doing good.

Check out the stories of Zombie Zoo

Zombie Zoo  1st Episode

Zombie Zoo Episode 2  (No Cover)  Yes you can get published without paying for a cover

Zombie Zoo No Rules/No Laws   3rd Episode

Zombie Zoo A New Breed of Zombies  4th Episode

Zombie Zoo  Frozen Zombies  5th Episode

Welcome to Zombie Zoo  E-Book  All short stories plus a bonus story

Print Version

It is possible to get published within a month.  Publish a full length book within books.  I am living proof

Have a question????Leave a comment and I will answer it if I ca 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Get Published Today!

There is no reason not to get published today.  Have you written a short story?  You can publish it today.  Have you written a book?  You can publish it today.

Go to   I am publishing a short story every month this year on amazon.  I am not paying alot. 

I have always considered myself a writer.  I have been rejected by the best publishers in New York City.  Now with Print On Demand.  you can get published and see your book in print.  Hold your book in your hand and you do not have to buy a thousand copies at one time.

You can order one book if you like or none at all.  They print them as they get ordered. 

I have 3 books at create

My Bible--My God

Always & Forever

Welcome To Zombie Zoo

All Three are print book.  Go and see what they look like.  Check out before you go and pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to get your book published in print.  Today it is POD Print On Demand.  You do not have to buy 100 books or a thousand books.  You can publish even if you are on a budget and who isn't on a budget now days.  There are websites that will take your money and you can do it yourself at createspace. 

At Createspace  you can get a cover free on their website.  You don't have to pay for the book cover.  That will save you some money.  You will have to pay someone to format your file, unless you do it yourself.  Then you will have to pay for a proof copy and that is around $8.00 

Want to see your book in print????  Get published today by checking out and get ready to hold your book in your hand.

I do not get paid anything for promoting createspace.  I use it and will continue to use it.  I don't want anyone to be scammed into paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to get published. to set up your account to get published as E-Book    You can do most of it yourself. 

1.  You do not need a cover for an e-book.  It is reccomended, but you don't need one.
2.  Have someone format your file or do it yourself upload the file and within 12 hours you will be published and selling on amazon. 

My Goal here is to let everyone know and understand that you can be published, sell books, recieve royality checks from amazon on a buget. 

That is what I am doing.  This is not a get rich scheme.  If you have the desire to write, the desire to be published and the desire to sell your books, you need to start today.

If not now?  When????/

Welcome to Zombie Zoo is both in print and e-book  E-Book
Print Book

By Bible--My God E-Book

Always & Forever  Paranormal Romance

Have a question???  Ask me..


Saturday, April 6, 2013


All 5 short stories in one book PLUS a bonus story. 

100 years after the first Zombie Outbreak,,,,Should Humans kill Zombies or house them till there is a cure???  See how they survive in the future, if there is a future with Zombies   


Zombies are forever

Zombies Are Among Us   Road of Destruction  Zombies On Board  So This Is Christmas   Take  Nothing For Granted

Episode coming April 22,2013

100 Years after the first Zombie Outbreak:  Welcome To Zombie Zoo 

Zombies are among us.....Check out these Zombie Stories.  There will be a new Zombie Story published every month this year..

Zombies Are Forever

Friday, April 5, 2013

Episode 4 Now On Amazon

Availiable Now!!!!




Thursday, April 4, 2013

Get Published In A Month

Check out my book covers::::I am publishing a short story every month.  If I can do this so can you...

I am blogging on my wrtiing progress.  I will have 2 short stories this month  .  Let me know what you are working on....I will tell you what I have learned so you can be published by next month

This is the first book of short stories....In 2012 I wrote 6 short stories, published them and then combined then in one book.....  Zombie Zoo  Zombie Zoo  No Rules No Laws  Zombie Zoo A New Breed of Zombies  Zombie Zoo Frozen Zombies  

If I can write and publish and recieve royaliy checks every month  so can you.

welcome to my world

Leave a comment and let me know what you want to do with your writing career



Me VS Zombies Zombies On Board

Welcome To Zombie Zoo 

Check out my WEBSITE


Me VS Zombies Road Of Destruction



Monday, April 1, 2013

Episode 4 coming Next Week

We be published by April 6th

Writing 12 stories in one year

I am publishing Episode #4 of Me VS Zombies.  I will be publishing Episode #5 at the end of the month of April.    I am writing Episode # 7.  I have to remember what happened in the past episodes.  I am editting while I am writing future episodes. 

The one thing that I just figured out is:  Make sure you are happy with each title of each story.  I was going to change the title in Episode #5, then I remembered that I already sent the file for Episode #4 which included an excerpt from Episode 5 so I couldn't change the title or it would confuse the reader who is looking for the next episode.

Writing 12 stories in one year is not as easy as I thought. 

I will be publishing 2 Episodes in the month of April.  That was not planned,  The formatter is busy and she has an opening at the end of the month.  I took it and yes I will send it to her.  I will make a point to have it editted.

In the meantime I am trying to get Episode 7 done today. 

I am publishing 2 short stories this month.

I am here to tell you that you can be published in a month.

Me VS Zombies Zombies On board

Me VS Zombies So This Is Christmas

Me VS Zombies Take Nothing For Granted

Me VS Zombies All Is Lost  Coming This Weekend

Me VS Zombies Surviving Among Zombies  Coming at the end of April

Get published next month.  If I can do it so can you