Monday, May 18, 2015

Write & Publish Debt Free

I am all about getting things for FREE.  I like FREE. in my book Write & Publish Quickly and Free  I tell you how I Write & Publish and it cost me nothing.  Yes I do sometimes pay for my covers which I purchase on sale.

I leaned how to format my files for Kindle. Kindle has a free E-Book on how to format the files.  go to  it is free to download or free for your Kindle.  I also you the Kindle Book Converter to create bookcovers and is also FREE. 

That way you can wite and publish on your own sechedule.  If you want to Serialize your novel, in my book I tell you how I did it with my Series Me VS Zombies. 

I published a short story every month, sometimes two.  If I am dependant on someone to format and do my book covers I would not be able to publish that quickly.

There are also websites out there that will scam you and only want your money.  They will charge you to do something you can do yourself.  Don't be scammed.  I am working on a book on that.  Anyone can put up a website and call themselves a publisher.  Don't sign anything before reading it and understanding it.  If it comes off the internet, I would not sign it.  You have no idea if it would hold up in court or if you could even find that person. 

I know some would disagree with me.  I know authors who spend 400 dollars on a book cover.  If I want a cover and want to pay for it I can go to They have premade book covers.  Also they have sales throughout the year.  Wait for the sale.  I bought 3 Book Covers last year all for $50.00.  I bought them for future books.  All I had to do was give the title and my name. 

Find all my books at

Decide what you want to spend your money on and think before you spend.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Plotting & Outlining

Everyone has their own way of plotting and outlining.  Whatever works for you is how you should do it.

I like to use pen and paper.  I took 20 sheets of paper, Wrote Chapter 1, Chapter 2 etc on each page.  Each page is a chapter.  You can also use index cards they would be smaller and you could put them in your purse or notebook.

I then had some scenes that was a must to go into the book.  I wrote a short description of the scene where I thought it would go. 

I have my plot plot points.  Plot Points is where something HUGE happens and makes the character turn in a different direction or changes the course of their lives.

 Plot Point 1  Chapter 5

Plot Point 2 Chapter 10

Ploit Point 3 Chapter 15

Dark Moment  (When all seems lost)  Chapter 18 or 19

Resolution  Happy Ending or the Problem is solved

I write the plot points where they go.

Then I go back and start writing 1-2 sentence of each scene for the chapter.  I put 3 scenes per chapter. 

Today I plotted up to Chapter 10  that would be half of the book. 

Now I can write whatever scene I want to, cause I know where to put the scene at.  So If I don't feel like writing an emotional scene, I can write another scene.  No excuse for writer's block. 

This is what I did today.

What did you do today to advance getting that book written???

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Write That Book!

Do you have a book you want to write?  Have you been thinking about writing a book?  Have you written a book?

 I have over 50 E-books on Amazon The past 2 years I have written and published 1-2 E Books on Amazon.  I has been a learning experience.  I have learned alot and want to pass on to you what I have learned.  There is no reason to go into debt to become a published writer.  There is no reason to pay anyone, what you can learn to do yourself. 


This blog is to tell you what I have learned.  Yes, I have written a series of E-books on what I have learned.  Yes, I would like you to buy my books, BUT, follow my blog and I will tell you what is in those books.

How to Serialize Your Novel  99 Cents

Your Guide to Branding Your Writing Career 99 Cents

Your Guide to Self Publishing   99 Cents

Write & Publish Debt Free 99 Cents

What I Learned Publishing 50 E-books 99 Cents

All My Books at 

Those are my books.Now that is out of the way:

I will be blogging throughout every week.  There is a book that I want to write.  It will not be an easy book for me to write, since it is based on my life  and what I went through in my childhood.  I was sexually abused as a child and am writing about it to help others, so I decided to blog about this writing experience.

From my word count, editing, days of not writing to how I self publish it. 



I am not going to charge anyone for answering a question. 

Where I am so far:

I have been struggling with the beginning of the book for months.  This past weekend, I finally wrote it all down.

1.  I made a list of the scenes I want to include in the book.  Example:  Telling the family I eloped 3 hours ago.  My wedding night, when I cried all night, Husband walked out on me when I might have cancer. Drinking binge waking up not sure where I was at.

2.  I got 20 pieces of paper.  I chose computer paper.  Each page will be a chapter.  My book will have 20  chapters. 

3.  List of characters:

4,  I have a notebook to keep everything in one place

5.  I picked a title.

6.  I have only 1,000 words written.  I want this book to be close to 100,000 words.

Your book can be shorter.  Shorter books seem to sell better.  30,000-40,000 words are good.  So your word count is up to you.

this is where I am right now.

I work a full time job.  I get up early to write before I go to bed.

Follow me as I write this book.  Write your book with me.  I will tell you what I do everyday.  Leave comments and let me know what you are doing and your progress.  Have a question, Ask me, If I know it I will tell you. 

Don't be scammed, Don't pay for something that you don't have to.  there are alot of websites that want your money.  Think Before you Spend.

Follow me and lets get that book written

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