Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Writing Is A Business

While self publishing I need to fill out an IRS form.  When I sell my books on they will report it to the IRS.

So I need to start thinking like a business person.  I am saving my reciepts related to writing.  It is just not the creative progress, it is also the business side of writing.

I do not want to get in trouble with the IRS

So I have to write everyday....I have to think about how I am going to promote my book and now I have to think like a business person.  I am going to wear a lot of hats, least I am in the one in control.  It is on me, whether I succeed or fail.  I am in the one in control.  That is a good thing.

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Waiting for The Mail

I know that I have a few more days till my book arrives, but I am still anxious about recieving the book.  Not much els I can do except to work on my work in progress. 

Summer is finally here and it is hot.  So glad winter and the storms are over.

Hope everyone has a great summer and write something today.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Waiting for Copy of Proof

I am waiting for the proof copy.  I am very excited and not sure what to do while I wait.  I reread my copy and I am surprised that I wrote it.  I have a lot of self doubt like I am sure we all do.  So I am waiting for the mail to arrive, even though I know it will take a few days, maybe a week.

I have started on my romance novel.  I am hoping to have it done by the first of the year. 

If I can do this.....So can you

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Promotional Items

I am now thinking about what promotional items I want to spend my money on.  I am thinking about creating a flyer with the book cover and an excerpt from the book.  I need to go to a printing shop to see how much that would cost.

I would also like book marks and possible tee shirts...Not sure what I would put on the tee shirt.  I do need something to hand out to my customers at work or whoever will accept one. 

I should recieve the proof of my book this week.  Looking foward to that. 

Not sure how much I am will to spend .  I will let you know when I go to the printer and find out how much it will cost. 

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Saturday, May 28, 2011


I just recieved another e-mail that my proof has beenf shipped.  that was quick.  I am so excited.  I feel that a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  I went to work and nothing bothered me, cause my proof was on it's way.  Nothing else mattered.  So I ignored the drama at work.

I am on my way to being a published writer and to me that is all that matters at this moment.

I need to find an excerpt from the book to post on my blog and to put on a flyer that I am working on. 

Now I need to focus on marketing.  Not sure how I am going to do that yet.  I will let you know.

I used my vacation time to pay for the printing for the flyers and bookmarks.  I am not taking vacation time off.  I am just taking the money to use for my writing.  So there are ways to come up with the money you need for your writing. 

I just need to decide what to put in the one page flyer.  Flyer might be the wrong word.  But I want something that I can mail out and hand out.

Any ideas for marketing????

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Friday, May 27, 2011


It has taken a month but I finally uploaded a file that would accept.  I ordered a proof copy and am on my way to having it published.

I was more mad at myself, for not having a clue what Iwas doing.  I am not computer savvy at all.

I am here to say that if I can do this....So can you.

I had my friend formatt my file and I uploaded the file...She had to change something 3 times and then I had to edit the cover....It may have taken longer, but she didn't give up and neither did I.

So do you want to be published???????    There is no reason not to be published these days. 

It cost nothing to do it on  It only cost me $7.25 to order the proof.  There are other ways that are more expensive.  It is your choice.

My plan B was   I am grateful that I didn't have to go that route and spend the money. 

So keep writing and get that book finished.  You can do it

I am now just waiting for my proof copy

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I am now on Facebook

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Am In Awe of Other Writers

I buy the USA TODAY every Thursday cause in the lifestyle section lists the top books of the weeks and book reviews.  I have to admit, I envy those writers.  I want my book to on the bestseller list.  So I always try to buy a couple every week.

No luck with my book.  I am not computer savvy and I admit that.  I am still writing and will just have to pay someone to do whatever it is they do.  So I am not giving up....It will just take a bit longer to get it online.

I know that there will always be setbacks and this is a learning experience.  So please stay with me, so you can learn from my mistakes.....It is not as easy as one thinks to self publish especially if you are not computer savvy

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thought I was Done

I wrote a 60 page book on the testimony with my walk wtih GOD, as I attempted to load it up on amazon, which I still haven't done....I came up with other things it include in the book.  So I am addding that to the book.

So I thought I was done with the book....Maybe I was in a hurry or just didn't think it through, so I am working on the extra pages.  How does one know when the book is finished???  I don't have an answer to that question.  I am continuing to write and see where it goes.

It might seem that I am just babbling.....about writing.  after all I don't have a book out....I write everyday, so why don't I????have you ever asked yourself that question????

I attempted to get on at but that hasn't worked so far and my friend is till working on the file.  So in the meantime I  am still writing and one way or another I will get my book on line. 

This is all a learning process.  I don't have all the answers, and I will make a few mistakes,,,,so hopefully I will make the mistakes before you do and you can learn from my mistakes.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Need To Write

Yesterday  I wrote in longhand.  Now I have to type it into the computer.  I know that it takes more time, but my thoughts flow better when I write in longhand, and then in someways I think it is my lazy way to write.  I don't have to sit up straight at the computer.  I can write on the couch, on the floor or in bed.  I am writing but I feel lazy.  Not sure that is a good thing or a bad thing.

I have the need to write.  I have to write.  I do not have a choice.  I have a lot of stuff in my head, that needs to get out.  So I write whenever and wherever.

I do apologize for not having my book out by now.  There are no excuses,except that I know nothing about computers and have to depend on someone else to help me.  So it may be a little longer.  I do have a plan B that I am working on.

so I am coninue to write, It is supose to be stormy again tonight, hopefully it will not cause any problems.

Stay safe.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Storms, Storms And More Storms

It has been raining and storming all day and right now it is just raining out, pouring rain..

My thoughts and prayers are with all the people of Joplin, MO.

I didn't do anything on the computer yesterday, cause it was storming all day.  I blogged between the storms, some days you just can't go on the computer and that is okay.  I am just waiting for the storms to pass, so I am just writing in longhand.....

Stay safe and hopefully we all can get through these spring storms

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Johhny Depp

I just went and saw Johnny Depp's new movie....Pirates of the Carribean......Very good movie.  It was a bit long but it was all about Jack Sparrow and a great movie.  Even though I do not like 3D movies and didn't wear the glasses. 

If you want to go and  see a good fun movie this is the one to see.

This is the fourth movie and that makes me think about the books that I am writing.  I can see my series in four or more books and that makes me want to write more than ever.

Even though I am having problems getting my first book on line that is not going to stop me from writing the next book

So go and watch a good summer movie and write that book

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Never To Old To Learn

Still no word from  I think my friend needs to change the title page.  So I am waiting for her.  This is all alearning process, I have no idea what I am doing and in awe of people who do know what they are doing.

So I am continue writing and sooner or later it will be on line.

I am also looking at   They are e-books....So there are a lot of options out there....If I can do this you can do it betterr

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Still No Word

I am still waiting for word from Create   I don't know excatly what I am doing....this is all a learning process for me.  I know that I upoaded the file right...So I will have to just wait.

Yesterday I wrote ten pages on my next book....An inspirational romance..........So I am not just sitting around waiting to hear from create space....though I would like to hear from them

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Book Cover

I did this on  

Tell me what you think???

LIKE?????     DISLIKE?????

Let me know....

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Still Waiting

I haven't heard anything from createspace yet.  I am giving it a couple more days.  The waiting is killing me.  I just want to know that I uploaded the file right.  This is all trial and error.

I know that some of you might be nervous to try to publish on your own, but I think this is the way to go.

Why should you let someone else tell you that your book is no good?  I will no longer let anyone tell me that my stories are no good.  I am going to be self published.  I am not going to listen anyone any more who tells me that my story does not fit their needs. 

So I am excited and waited to hear what I need to do next.

The other thing I did:   I am now on facebook.  Not sure what to do with that excatly so if you have any suggestions, let me know......

I am taking baby steps and if I can do this...So can you

Check out

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Uploading My Book

I have attempted to upload my book on createspace.  I had to do it the second time. Now I am just waiting for thier reply.  The wait is making me nerovous.

I had someone format my maunuscript into PDF and then I uploaded it wrong....Did it again the second time and now I am just waiting to hear from them.  That is making me crazy.  I just want my book on line....

 I did figure out how to upload the book....It is easy if you think and take your time.    So if you don't want to format your file to PDF on your is worth to pay to have it done by someone and then upload it yourself......I will keep you posted...

I need to start working on the next book, but my mind is on this and if I uploaded it right.  This is all a learning process.  I made it this I am not going to quit now.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Up Loading Files

I uploaded the file at and well I need to upload it again.

Seems like my title of the book does not match the title page, by one letter.

So my girlfriend is fixing it now so I can rr-upload it.

I reread the file and didn't catch this mistake.

So I am waiting for her to e-mail me the file...

Wish me luck.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Uploaded My Book

Just wanted you all to know.....My girlfriend formatted my file to PDF..........I did the cover and uploaded the file............In 48 hours they will e-mail me for the next step.

I will keep you posted

Just wanted you know............If I can do it............You can too

Write Something Today

Self Publishing

Weigh your options before you decide to self publish.  You don't want to pay to much.  Everyone is willing to take your money.  is free if you know what you are doing. has different levels, depending what you want.

So do your research before you commit to anything. people are using this often also.

There are alot of options out there.  Don't be in a hurry, to get published.  Do your research first and do what you think is best for you.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Writing Interupted

When I am sersious about writing I can not write in a room with the television.  I will turn the tv on and then my writing will be interupted.  So yesterday I was writing in bed.  It was quiet and I was quite productive. 

Then my boyfriend came over and I stopped.  Turned off the computer....Only to find out that he was not staying....So I went back to the computer and turned it back on.....Wrote some more for a couple more hours....Then I switched to longhand and flipped through the channels.....I went back on the computer and then my boyfriend came back over...

So yesterday, even though I kept getting intereputted....  I kept going back to my writing.  I didn't get bad or upset that is just life.  I was in a writing mood.  I got a  lot done.

I am going to Plan B:  I am going to publish my book through Outskirts Press,

I am adding about 50 more it will be worth the money.  I am busy writing and one way or the other I will get this book published.

Like I said before,,,,No One cares that I write...This is what I am doing for myself.  I want and need to be a writer

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Mission Statement

As I said in the last post, I was reading Bethenny Frankel's Book A place of yes,  I finished it yesterday.  She has a brand,,, Skinny Girl Margarita.....If you watch her show, She has the Skinny Girl Logo on everything.  Tee shirts that she wears, totebags, it was even on the bus she rode when she did her book tour.

I was thinking I need a logo.  I am still thinking about that one.

The other thing she talked about was A Mission Statement:

What do you stand for????

Bethenny Frankel stands for:  "The purpose of the Skinnygirl brand is my purpose in my career to solve problems and inspire and help women live healthier, better lives."  Everything she does relates to that in somme way.

So what do I stand for?  Writing is a business.  I am treating it like a business. 

This is MY MISSION STATEMENT.   {Though it might change}

My Mission is to write letting people know that GOD is the answer to all their questions and problems.  To bring people to God through my writing, the way I live and the way I act.  Whatever I do, I do it for GOD, and let people know that God is the answer.

God is always with me, even when I ignore him.

Think about your writing.  What do you stand for?  What is your writing about?  What is one thing that could go on tee shirts, coffee mugs  note pads?  What is your brand.  Narrow it down and I think you will be surprised and it will help you write better books and be more focused

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

What I Am Reading

I don;t know about you, but I watch Bravo Television and am obsessed with the Housewives of....

Then there isBethenny Frankel.  She was on the Housewives of New York and then got her own show  Bethenny Married and then Bethenny Happily Ever After.  The show just ended and the last show she was out promoting her book....I went out and bought it...A Place of Yes.

I would recommend this book for whoever has a dream. My dream is to make a living as a writer.  I write and my dream is to sell what I write.  Bethenny is a business woman and I can relate to her story, which I am not the only one.  She started out with nothing and then sold her business and is now a millionaire.

So if you have self doubts about your dreams your passion I suggest you read this book.  One part she writes about Your Mission Statement.  After reading the book...I have my mission statement. 

I am lying in bed reading the book, listening to her story and that gives me hope that I to can prsue my dream.

I will never stop writing but maybe I can have a more positive attitude about my writing and I will stop shooting my self in the foot...

If you have a chance to pick up a copy.....I think this book can help anyone who wants to see their dream come true//

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Your Book is Alive

I have a bullintine board with pictures of my characters, the town, the house and whatever else I feel will inspire me.

I have the bullintine board where I can see it everyday.  I feel like my story is real and alive.  So when I come home from work I see my characters.  When I get up I see my characters...So I have to write.  My characters are waiting.

I think this is a good way to keep me on track and inspred and want to write.

What do you do to inspire you to write???

Do you believe that your characters are alive??

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


No one cares that I write.  No one cares that I have dreams-hope=passion.  I have no one in my life that cares that I write.  I am alone and no one understands me.

I have written a book.  I just want to put it on line.  I am not computer savvy so I am going to go to plan B.  It will cost me some money but I work and this is what I want to do.

I am working on a novel and will have that done by the first of the year.

Does anyone else feels this way?  Are you writing cause you have to and no one cares that you get up early?  No One cares that you spend hours in front of the computer?

I told a co-worker that I wrote a book, and she changed the subject. No One cares.  My boyfriend is supported of my writing, but he has his own problems and I understand it.

So I am on this jourgney alone.  I have no support system.  No One to talk about my writing.

Does anyone else feel this way????

I write everyday.  I get up early before work towrite.  I have s book to be published and the process is not going well. 

If you feel as  do and want a support with your writing:

1.  Please leave a commnet
2.  Become a follower of my blog
3.  Tell me what drives you to write and what you are writing
4.  Tell others about our passion
5.  Together we all can become published authors


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Monday, May 9, 2011

Writing When You Don't Feel Good

I work nights and of course I can not sleep during the night when I have the morning off,  So I was up around midnight very tired and bored.  I just wanted to go back to bed, but I couldn't sleep.  Plus I had a doctor appointment in the morning so I couldn't take anything to make me sleep or I would miss my doctor appointment.

Working nights are terrible hours and mess up your sleep schedule.....I still wrote even though I didn't feel good.  I wrote in long hand.  I wrote about 5 pages. 

I worked on expanding the book that is already finished.  If I go another route I need more pages.  I feel that no one cares that I write.  I might be feeling sorry for myself.  I probably am.  I still write no matter what.  It is what I do.

One way or the other I will have my book on line.  I will keep you posted. 

Write in long hand or on the computer...Even when you don't feel good. 

Writing is all I have.  So I am off to write in longhand.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

3D Movies

I went to my first 3D movie today.  I went to see THOR.  I didn't want to go, I did not want to go to a 3D movie, but I did and to my surprise, it was pretty cool, though it did give me a headache, wearing the glasses.

I took off the glasses off and watched the movie without the glasses.  You can do this, some things are a bit blurry, but you can.  Thor is a good movie, worth watching.....Heads up.....if you go and see the movie....sit through ALL the credits and there is a scene at the end of the credits and worth watching it.

How does this relate to writing.  Don't be afraid of progress and the future.  E-Books....Self Publishing....Blogging......Need  to keep up with the times and don't be afraid to try something new.

So keep your mind open as you write to your publishing options and go see a movie once in a while.

Can't wait to see Pirates of the Carrabean..  Love Johnny Depp

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Still no word on the when my book is going on line.....Still waiting......

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good News!!!!

I just recieved an e-mail from my writer friend and she has formatted my book for and we are going to meet next week and talk about the book cover.  YEA!!!!!!

So one never knows, just need to keep plugging along, and never give up.

So I am excited.  It is hard to trust other people when you want something done that you can not do yourself.

I have written the book and I just want get it out there.

So cross your fingers and hope our meeting goes well and I can get the book on line.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Writing-Is It Worth The Effort?

I was shopping yesterday and looking at books.  One Author that I never heard of, had a display and she has written 4 books.  I am in awe, I am having problems writing one book, let alone 4 books.  That made my desire to write burn more inside of me.

I want a book published.  I want to be able to hold onto my book and see it on So just going and looking at books in the store, made the desire to make me move on.

Is it worth the effort?  I think so.  I have to write.  I have ideas in my head and I need to get it on paper. 

So whether my friend puts it on line for me or not....I will pay for it myself and get it published.  So I might have a set back.....I will get it on line. 

So don't give up.  Keep writing.   We all have something to say.  Failure is not an option

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Always a Setback

Just when one thinks that things are going along just fine and my book would be online within a week or so, don't think that will happen. 

I was supose to have lunch with the woman who is putting my book on line, and she cancelled.  I was a bit disappointed, since I wanted to talk to her about my book, so I am not sure when it will be online....I will keep you posted.  There will always be setbacks...I will not let this stop me from my goal, but it might take longer than I hoped.

I want it on on line and I want to get bookmarks and see my book on  So I will let you know when that is going to happen.

I am still moving on and working on the next book...nothing is going to stop me from being published,  Just a setback for the moment.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Writing Is A Business

If you write.  You need to treat it as a business.


2.  Going to a conference???  Could be tax dectible. 

3.  Subscribe to a writer's magazine??  Could be dectible.

4.  Everything you use for your writing, could be tax dectible.

5.  Find a good Tax Professional

6.  Ink for your computer, computer paper, pens, paper

7.  Start thinking as a professional, business cards, lunches with writer friends

8.  Start thinking like a writer

9.  I will have a book online soon, if I sell one book,,,,I will be considered a writer and can put that on my tax form

10.  I have a small business.  I am a writer.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Onto Next Book

I have started my next book. before the first book is online.  The first book is out of my hands at the moment.  I need to focus on the next book and keep writing.  I want the next book out next year so if I am not writing that will not happen.

I realize that no one cares if I write or not.  My family doesn't, friends doesn't, co-workers doesn't.  I am doing this for me.  I write cause I want to and will be thrilled that I sell one book.  So I am not sure that my expections are that high.  I just want my book out there and see what happens.. 

If I don't get another book out there, I will lose my readers who bought the first book.  So I need the next book out.  So I am writing, getting up early and waiting for my book to go online.

What are you doing to get your book published????

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Book Is Finished

I finished the book and I sent if off to my writer friend to put it on line..

I am so excited.  I reread the book yesterday and I thought it was good.  I asked myself "Who wrote this?"  It is hard to believe that I wrote the book. 

So if I can do this....You can do it.

I sent her by book blurb, the book cover, a picture of myself.  Not sure if she needs anything else.  So it is out of my hands at the moment.

My Book Blurb:

I am an alocholic.  I am anerioxic.  I was sexually abused.  How could anyone ever love me?  Why was I even born?  Could I be even more messed up?

Took me forty five years to open my BIBLE.  That was the day GOD talked to me.  That was the day my life changed, in ways I never thought was possible.

This is my testimony of how GOD changed my heart and my life.


This is the picture I took at home.  You don't have to have it proffesionally done.  Done with a ditigal camera.

I will let you know when the book in on line....

How is your book coming??????    You to can self publishing....If I can do it...So can you

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Sunday, May 1, 2011


I have reread and reread my book.  Everytime I read it, I find something to change.  The more I read it, the more amazed I am that I wrote a book.  I like what I am reading and think it is good, So I am patting myself on my back.  I like the book that I have written.

I had my boyfriend take my picture for the website and the back of the book.  He has to love me, cause he took 5-6 pictures and I didn't like any of them.  I don't think I like the way I look.
He didn't get mad, and finally we agreed on one.  He used a digital camera, and that is good enough for me.  I am not going to have my picture proffesionally done, least not yet.

There are a lot of ways to save money.  I like the picture.

I am ready to hand my book over to my writer friend, who is going to get it on line for me.

I am getting excited. 

I know that there are people out there that tell you to make sure the editing is perfect and you should have someone to do it for you.  That is a great idea, if you have the money.

I say do your best.  No one is perfect.  Have someone else read your book for errors.  Let the book sit for a few days and then re read it. 

Sooner or later you will have to let the book go and start on the next one.

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