Friday, March 7, 2014

Self Publish for FREE

You read the title right.  You can self publish for Free. has made it simple and easy.  All it takes from you is determantion.  It is not hard.  It is not high tech.

I publish a short story every month.

I have paid for my book covers.  I have also used the kindle cover converter.  Cover cost me nothing.

I learned to format my files.  It is easier than you think.  Amazon has a book on how to format your files. and the book is FREE .

Beware of websites who offer to do the services for a fee.  You can do it on your own. 

Go to browse the website and see what they have to offer.  All my e-books are published on amazon.

Something else to remember.  An E-Book does not have to be 50,000 words or 100,000 words.  It can be a few at 5,000 words. 

You can write a 5,000 word short story, create a cover from the kindle website, format the file and upload the file.  FREE

I do this once a month.

It did take me awhile to learn to format, but once I jumped that hurdle, nothing is stopping me now. 

What are you waiting for?

Some people might talk you out of doing this.  Some people might call this a hobby.  Don't listen to anyone who is negative.  This is your dream.  This is for you.

Have any questions???  Ask.  I will do my best to help you. I am doing this blog to help others see their dream become a reality.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Just Write!

Want to be a Published Author?

1.  Write.

If you don't write, you will never get published.  I know that may sound simple.  I know you have heard that before.  It is the only thing you need to get publish.  You need a story to publish.

I had a hard time writing 100 words a day.  I then started writing everyday, even if it was one word or one sentence or 1,000 words.  I discovered the more I wrote, the easier it was to write.  Like anything else, it takes practice.

I now write everyday.  In longhand or on the computer.  I write wherever or whenever.  In the car, waiting for a doctor appointment, at work, on my breaks.  I carry a notebook everywhere I go. 

My goal was to be a published writer and that is what I am.  That is what I am doing.  So can you.  What is stopping you from seeing your dream become a reality?  It is you.  You are the only one stopping you.

Amazon has made it simple and easy to get publish.   Look around their website and see what it is all about. 

Yes, it will take some time.

Yes, you will have to learn something new.

Yes you can do it.

If you are willing to put the time in and learn how to format your files.  Learn how to use the amazon cover converter.  You can get publish and it will cost you nothing. FREE

Check out this book  How To Write 12 E-Books In One Year

I published this book and it cost me Nothing   Only 99 Cents.

I am now writing and publishing a quirky, fun story Beast of Willow Lake    This book cost me Nothing to publish. Check it out!

If you think you can not afford to get publish, you are wrong.  There are people and websites that want to charge you for services that you can do yourself.  It is not hard. It is not complicated. 

Have a question?

Ask me.  If I can help you get publsih, I will. 

I am learning as I go and will be happy to pass along any information I have learned.  Get Publish Today.

If I can do it, so can you.   Find all my books here  All Books only 99 Cents


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Get Published Now!


I know I have been missing in action this year.  I'm back.  Have you written a story?  Are you ready to get Published?  What are you waiting for? 

I have 33 E-books on amazon as of this moment.  Find all my E-Books at  I have been publishing on Amazon since 2011.  When I started I knew NOTHING.  I had no idea how to send an E-Mail attatchment.  I had no idea that I had more than one drive on the computer.

I learned as I went.  I was determined.  Are you determined?  I am going to share what I have learned. 

Last year I had to pay someone to Format my files.  I had to publish on their schedule.  I learned how to format, I can now format when I want. 

I published a short story and it cost me NOTHING.  The Beast of Willow Lake.   I wrote it.  I edit it.  I formatted it.  I did the cover using the Kindle Cover Creator. 

It is easier than you think.    ONLY  99 Cents on KINDLE

I started with the idea of publishing a short story a month.  I made sales within a day.  You can to.

Are you dreaming of being a publish author??

Have your written a story??

What are you waiting for????

Get started today

Write-Edit- Publish-Repeat