Friday, July 7, 2017

Memoir Writing

I have been working on my memoir since January.  I thought I would be done with that and move onto my next book.  I was wrong.

I am having problems figuring out what to put in and leave out.  I am having problems on finding my voice.  I am having problems about writing about my family without making them look evil and terrible parents.  Since I don't want to write anything terrible about my parents,

I made a decision.

I am going to write it, the way if effected me.  I am going to have to dig deep into my emotions and memory, even though I have blocked some memories.

I was sexually abused by my Grandfather and I feel that I was the sacrafice for the family.

As a result I suffered from everything from alochol, eating disorder, to cutting myself.

My family denies what happened and blames me for everything that is wrong with me.  I realize I am an adult, but it is hard to have a relationship with family who denies their role in my life.

So I am going to write how their actions effected me.  I need to tell my story to help others. E-Book Print Book

I was Suicide most of my life which I will be writing in my Memoir It is not easy for me to write, but who said it is easy to write.

What are you writing?

How do you deal with emotional scenes?

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Writing Is A Business

I like to write.  I could write in longhand all day long.  It is the business side of writing that I do not enjoy.  Promoting my writing.  Talking about my writing.  Social media.

If you are writing for publication,  you are now a business owner.  Your book is the product is what you are producing and selling.  It is a fact.  There is no way to deny it anymore.

Do you know in the USA, you can deduct your writing expenses on your tax returns.  Keep all your receipts during the year.  Find a good tax person.

Choose your social media:  Facebook, twitter, blogging, newsletter.

I can not do all the social media so I chose to blog.  I am on facebook, but not lately and I have a twitter account.  I tend to attract more people on my blog.  Blogspot is free so I use their blog site.

Create business cards to hand out.  I use Vista Print for postcard size and put the cover of my book on them.  You need something to hand to people.

I am self published and I am always giving something to someone everyday.  Vista Print is always having sales.  I wait to for a sale I never pay full price on Vista Print.

Tell people that you are a writer, which is not easy at first.  Now I tell everyone.  Someone asks me what do you do.  I say, I am a writer and hand them my business card.

I find that people are impressed when I hand them a copy of my book and give it to them.  They are impressed that I wrote a book and then impressed that I self published a book.  You never know who you are talking to and they might become a fan and tell others.

Start thinking like a business person.  Get organized.  Get Published.  Make your dream a reality

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Never Quit Writing

I write ever I write something every day.

I am writing my memoir.  I put it aside for about a month.  I was mad at myself.  I have the rough draft  which is about 70 pages.  I think it is stupid, dull and boring.  Who would ever want to read this?

So yesterday I started the memoir again.  I then said out loud.  "This is so stupid.  I have 70 pages already written.  Just rewrite what you have."

So I came home from work, went to my desk and drug out the rough draft.  Today I am going to re-read the rough draft and finish the memoir.

I am going to write it.  I don't care if my family does not like it..  I don't care if they get mad at me.  I am a writer and that is what I am going to do.

What are you working on that you think is not good enough?  Do not quit!  It is your story to tell.  Tell it and send it out into the world.

You are a writer.  Write.

That is what I am going to do today.

Happy Writing.

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Monday, July 3, 2017

You Are A Writer!

I don't care what you think of yourself or what others think or say.  If you write, YOU ARE A WRITER.

Tape this to your computer!  Your Bathroom Mirror.  On Your Phone!

Believe It.!

I have been writing all my life.  I have been rejected by all the publishing houses in the USA.  Then E-Books came alone.  My entire life changed.

This is the first book I self published E-Book

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This is where I learned how to format, write, edit and publish.  I finally had total control over my writing career.  Yes it is time consuming.  Yes it is a full time job.  I also have a full time job to pay my bills.  So I have two full time jobs.

My point is, your dream of being a published writer, selling your books and holding your own book in your hands is within your grasp.  You have to believe in yourself and not listen to anyone, but the dreamer in you.

I do not care what country you are in.  You were given a gift to write.  Don't waste your gift.  Only you can write your story.

We all have doubts, fears.  I need to write.  I have to write.  I have something to say.  So do you.

There are a lot of writers out there wanting to sell you workshops, videos, that promise you to sell more copies on Amazon, to plot better, but think before you spend.  Don't be scammed. Make sure you want to before you spend your money is all I am saying.

I have written a few non-fiction books on writing, on how I learned and published over 50 E-books on Amazon/  There are over 4,000 books published on Amazon daily.  The market is over flowing.  That doesn't stop me.  Nothing will stop me from publishing and writing.

So if you are the ones like me, then write and get published.  Don't let fear or self doubt get in your way.

Have a question?  Ask me.  Leave a comment and then get back to writing.  Looking forward to reading your book.

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Suicide Is Not The Answer

Newest Release:

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Non-Fiction.  I have been Suicidal most of my life.  This is how I overcame killing myself.

I was attempting to write my memoir and wrote this book instead.

I have been trying to write my memoir since January.  I have a rough draft of 70 Pages I think I am on the right track, but it has no emotion.

So I am rewriting it.  When I write it, it sounds stupid.  No one wants to read this.  I know that most writers have this same problem, self doubt.  It hasn't stopped me from writing, but I am doubting if I can write my memoir.

So I haven't blogged for awhile.  I was writing this book Suicide Is Not The Answer, and trying to find my voice on the memoir.

I am also working on a workbook to go along with Suicide Is Not The Answer

Finding time to write is never easy.  I am a writer.  I will write never no matter what.  Writing is who I am.

What are you working on?  Leave a comment

You are not alone.  We write alone, but we can support each other to make it to the next page and until we write The End.   E-Book

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