Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Balancing Writing with Life

I had 2 days off.  I had plans to write.  That didn't happen.

I was exhausted.  I managed to blog and that was about it.

It is hard to work and write and take care of your family.  It is a balancing act.  Don't beat yourself up.  You are going to have days that you won't be able to write.

It doesn't matter who you are.  We all have things that have to come before writing.  That is a fact.  If you don't write one day, the world did not come to an end.  Try to write the next day.  Don't feel guilty or beat yourself up.  Today is a new day.

Write something to day.  You are a writer.  Write and move forward.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Daily & Weekly Writing Goals

It is Monday.

I had a good writing week.  I wrote for 4 Scenes in longhand last week.

This week I want my goal to be 5 scenes written in longhand.

I know that it would be easier to just type on the computer, but I am on break or in the truck writing.  I can write fast in longhand and if I make a mistake or want to rewrite somethin, I just cross it out and continue by thought process.

It doesn't matter what you use to write, as long as you write everyday. 

I have a tendency to write to general.  So with each scene, I take 3 pieces of paper, staple them together and for me, that is one scene.  6 pages,back and front.  So I will continue to write till the pages are fill, won't stop till I do, then when I type them into the computer, It is not just a page or two long scene.  This works for me.

I go to work and I have at least 3 sets of paper with me, and that would be 3 scenes. 

What are your goals this week?

Premade Book Covers

This is the cover of the book that I am writing now.

This is a premade cover.  I purchased it premade book covers   There are a lot of different book covers to choose from.  If I find a cover I like, I will purchase it then when I write the story, I already have the book cover

These 4 Book Covers are a Series:  She is working on putting the Titles on and my name

I wanted all the covers the same, and just a different Title. 

I like buying the premade covers ahead of time.  It inspires me to write and then I don't spend all my time worrying about the cover when I should be writing

Do you have your bookcovers?

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy Writing

How is your week of writing going.  It is Friday.  What have you done to move your writing career.

Yesterday I wrong another scene in long hand.  Today I plan on writing another scene and then chapter one will be done longhand.

Then this weekend I will start typing the handwritten pages into the computer.  The part I hate.  I like writing in longhand.  I like writing, but then the work begins when I put it into the computer.

What part of writing do you like?

Writing The Words The End?

Writing starts with one word at a time. 

Don't have time to write?

Write a sentence.  Write a word.

Jot down an idea.

Do something with your writing everyday and soon you will be writing the words, The End to be published.

Today is a new day, forget about yesterday and focus on today.

Happy Writing

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Writing The First Scene,

You only have a sentence or two to catch the readers attention.  Watch any movie and see that something happens in the first few seconds.  You know if you want to watch that movie or not.

So what is your opening scene?

Open by introducing the main character in her normal world, then BAM something happens to change her world.

I wrote the first scene in my novel yesterday at work:

Maggie stood on the side of the highway, as cars whizzed by.  "You can do this."  She told herself.  She shifted her backpack..  She focused on the dog that laid in the center lane and then bolted toward the dog, ignoring the traffic, only focusing on the dog.

Does this get your attention?  Are you interested in if Maggie gets to the dog or get run over?

I wrote the first scene at work yesterday while I was at work. 

I have written and rewritten the beginning scene at least five times.  I kept changing the beginning.

Now I know this is the scene.

If you have been following my blog you might be wondering why I keep jumping from one book to another.

I am attempting to write my memoir.  That is hard for me to dredge up the past.  I am working on a fiction novel based on an event that happened in my life.

So I have been going back and forth with each book.

Now after many writes and rewrites and changing characters, settings  and plots, I now think I know the direction for my fiction novel.

Yes, the first scene is written in longhand. 

Each scene is like a short story.

Scene Goal



Time of Day

Time of year

Scene Goal:  Maggie needs to rescue the dog.

Conflict:  Traffic

Time of day:  afternoon

Time of year Summer

I am doing this for each scene, because I know when I write, CONFLICT is the one thing I leave out and then my writing is BORING.

So What is your first scene about.  Leave it in the comment section. 

Have a question?  Ask me. 

50 Lessons I learned Publishing over 50 Books download this book, and see how I have written and self-published more than 50 E-Books and Print Books

Write something today

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Focus on writing

Do you have problems focusing on your writing

My problem is focusing on one story then I get another idea and starting on another.  How do you stay focus.

My answer is to work on more than one story then you will never have writer's block

While I was at work yesterday I started outlining my fiction novel.

Not sure this process will work for everyone.  I don't believe this will work for everyone
I write everyday.  I am always writing that is the only way to stay focus on my writing.

How do you stay focus on your writing?  I will be outlining the rest of the outline while I am at work.

Happy writing

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Writing Update/Daily Progress

Yesterday's blog listed what I needed to do with all my pages written in long hand.

1.  I typed out my outline.  All 20 Chapters.....If I wasn't sure on all the scenes, I left them blank. I have my plot points and know where I am going and I know the last scene.

2.  I typed in the hand written pages.  This is the first rough draft.  I know that I am going to have to rewrite it, but I need to get something on paper or I will never get it written.  As I am writing, I know that I am finding my voice for this book. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Writing Longhand to Computer

I am Old School.  I write long hand and then have to type all those pages into the computer.

I take my notebook to work.  I write on my lunch and breaks.  This week I was very productive.  I have found my format in which I am going to write my Memoir.  Though it has taken awhile, a few months.  I have decided how to write it. 

1.  I have plotted out my Memoir.  What I want to put in and what I want to leave out. I can't put every detail and event in the Memoir.

2.  I found my 3 plot points and know the ending

3.  I have a rough draft of the first three chapters.  Yes, I will have to add detail to them, but I know what I want in those chapters.  So that is 9 scenes written in long hand.

For me writing in Longhand lets me be more free and open, because I know that I am going to rewrite all of it.  But it lets my ideas flow and lets me write whatever comes to mind.  I have always written in longhand and it took me awhile to get use to writing on the computer.

So what ever works for you is good.  The important thing is to write, either in longhand or one the computer.  As long as you can keep the ideas flowing and knowing that you will have to rewrite it. 

I am still deciding on a Title.

1.  Depression No More

2.  Your Past Does Not Define You

3.  Healed By The Stripes of Jesus.

I know I have to have Key Words in the Title.  I know the Title should be as few words as possible.

This is where I am at so far.  Today I am going to type in my pages in longhand.

I am writing a memoir of my child sexual abuse by my grandfather and how it effected my entire life.

This is not my life story, only part of it.

As I was plotting this out, I know that my family will not agree with me.  That is okay, because they do not believe that my grandfather sexually abused me anyway, so I am moving forward

Today is Monday

What are your Goals for the Week?

What did you accomplish last week?

Leave a comment and get your story written, non-fiction or fiction

Friday, February 17, 2017

Writing Schedule To Meet Deadlines

Author's Page
February is almost over, how is writing goals?  Meeting your deadlines or word count?

This is how my year is going>

1.  I bought a new computer.  Not a fancy computer.  My computer was about ten years old and it was slow and not up today for the internet.  So I have a new computer that is faster.  It doesn't take ten minutes to turn on.  So that is what I did so I can write before I go to work or when I come home.

2.  I have been writing long hand at work.  I have about 20 pages written in longhand.  On my days off I will put them in the computer.  I think better when I write long hand.

3. I am blogging more.  I have my other blog I Am Walking With GOD which I am also blogging

4.  I have the Zombie Series Me VS Zombies.  Now I feel that I need to write the story of my life.  I have been through a lot.  Writing has kept me sane. So I am working on my life story.  It has taken me about ten rewrites of the beginning to figure out how I want to write this non-fiction story.  I think I have figured it out.  So I have it outlined and writing this in longhand, while I am at work.

5.  I am also working on a non-fiction book Make Jesus the Center of Your Life.   About a 50 page non-fiction book with my walk with GOD.  I have it all outlined.  Just have to have to find the time to write it.

6,  I am also writing a fiction story of my trip back home when my father died.  I am making this weekend because while I was up there, which I haven't been home in 20 years, and I stood standing at the funeral home and said to myself, This would make a great book.

7.  These 3 books are all related in some way.  So I have no excuse to have writer's block.  I have them all outlined and now just have to write them.

8.  This blog is about my writing process and how I am self publishing.  Things are changing in Kindle They are now adding print books.  Which might be a good idea, but I am using Createspace I just figured out how to publish on createspace and not pay anyone, and rumor has it that they might phase out createspace which I am not happy about, but time will tell, So I will be talking about that.

9.  If you are writing fiction or non-fiction and want to follow someone who is struggling like you, then follow me.  I will do my best to blog twice a week, and keep you updated on what I am doing.

10.  If you write, you are a writer,  Embrace it and get writing and published this year

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Simple Plot Outline

Do you write your story or do you plot it out?

Everyone has a different way to write.  There is no right or wrong way.  If you are writing, you are a writer.

This is how I am Plotting out my Book I Forgive. 

From this Blog Post on, I will be explaining my writing process.  In my book

How To Write 12 E-Books In One Year

If you want to get your feet wet and write a short story and get it published, this is the way to go.

I tell you my process of writing a short story a month for a year.

This year, I am writing a 100.000 word novel.  I will be blogging on how I do it, word count and how I find the time to write, while working full time.

This is my Simple Plot Outline.

Every story has Major Points that move the story forward and changes the characters 

This is for 100,000 Word Novel.

Plot Point 1 :  Chapter 5

Plot Point 2:  Chapter 10

Plot Point 3 Chapter 15

Dark Moment:  Chapter 18

Resolution:  Chapter 20

For 50,000 Word Novel:

 Plot Point 1:  Chapter 3

Plot Point 2:  Chapter 6

Dark Moment:  Chapter:  Chapter 8

Resolution:  Chapter 10

I write the plot points out.  (Major Scene that will move the story forward and change the character, part of the Character Ark.

3 scenes per chapter.

60 scenes for 100,000 word novel

30 scenes for 50,000 word novel

You can have more scenes or less scenes.  This is a guide line.

Then I list all the scenes that I want.

I get a legal pad or notebook and list scenes that I want in the book.  I brain storm.

This is my Simple Plot Outline


In a notebook or legal pad:

Chapter 1

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Chapter 2

Scene 1

Scene 2


When I get to the chapter of my Plot Point:

Chapter 5

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Plot Point:  Write it here

Do this for all Chapters.

Then as you write, you know where your plot points are.

You have a list of scenes,

You know how the story will end.

As you write, you probably will change things.  This is not written is stone, but you know where you are going and you won't go off in a different direction.

I have done this already.

I did this on my breaks and lunch at work.  I carry a notebook at work, I am always writing on my breaks, at my lunch, in my car.  I discovered that if I don't write it down when I am thinking about it, I forget.

Let me know what you think?

Will this work for you?

How do you plot out your Novel?