Sunday, September 29, 2013

Writing VS Promoting

I now have 23 E-Books up.  I will have another E-Book up in about 2 weeks.  In order to write and publish a short story every month, sometimes twice a month, that takes up all my time.  How do I find time to promote the story I just published and write the next one.  I don't think their is enough time in the day to do both.

The year of 2013 I have published a short story a month, sometimes two.  I wrote the book, Write 12 E-Books in One Year  Also I had to promote my latest book Zombies Invaded My World

So I have 2 books to promote and a short story to write every month.  How do I find time to Promote??

I promote when I feel like it.  Last week on my day off, I was on Face Book about 3 hours looking for new groups to join.  I found about 3.  I blog, I post on my face book page.

I don't have the secret formula for promoting.  You need to find out what works for you.

Writing the book is fun.  After you hit the publish button that is when the work begins.  It is work. 

I want to write.  I don't want to go out and pimp ,my book, but you have to.

This is my first Zombie Book

First Book I wrote     A Paranormal Romance

So I think the best promotion is my next book.  I will not stop writing.  I will not stop promoting.

Know that it is a lot of work and somedays I wonder if it is worth it.  For me it is worth it.  I am living my dream.  I am a writer.  No one can take that from me

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Zombie This!  


Monday, September 23, 2013


Are you thinking of being published?

Are you thinking of selling books?

Are you thinking of having a book signing?

What are you waiting for?

You can be a Published Writer within 4 weeks or sooner.

I am writing a publishing an E-Book a month.  I am selling books.  I am selling royality checks.  I have readers ask me to sign my print books. 

I am a publish writer.  I am living my dream.

It is easier than you think.

If you have access to the internet, you can be published.

If you are willing to put the time and effort in, you can be published. 

Check out my new book and see how I do it.

I now have 22 E-Books on Amazon.!/pages/sharon-lee-johnson/140014492748141
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Promotion for Your E-Book

If there was a secret formula for promtion and marketing, we all would be rich and famous.  What works for one, might not work for another.

It is said that the best promotion is your next book.  I agree with that, but I feel that you still need to get the word out. 

I have paid for advertising on line.  It didn't do any good. So I decided not to waste my money there anymore.

I like to blog, so I blog.  I find it interesting that viewers from other countries find me.  I like to see that.  The more you blog, the more hits you recieve.  Google likes new content, so the more you blog the more hits you get.  I try to blog everyday, but that does not always work out.

I am on facebook, though I have no idea why people are on face book.  I have an author page   It is different from a regular facebook page.

I keep my amazon page up to date with all my books

I do have a website...  Though keeping a website is expensive.  Some authors use this website as their webpage  www.blogspot,com

I also have print books out along with e-books..I use createspace  The reason being is that I can hand books out to people that support me.  I may run across someone that wants a book but doesn't have a kindle.  I can sell them one.  I may not get rich off of print books, I do enjoy selling my print book and having the honor of signing a book that I wrote

I have business cards and postcards for my books also... 

order their business cards, you can get them for 10 dollars then once you are on their mailing list they will send you e-mails and sometimes you can get postcards free or for 5 dollars and just pay shipping, might have to wait, but I recieves 100 postcards for 10 dollars, I just wait for the deals to come, I never pay full price at vista print. 

The best thing is to get the next e-book out. 

The month of September I published 3 E-Books..Not full length novels  3 short stories.

Alone with Zombies

The Smell of Death

Avoid All Grave Yards

In Oct I will publish at least one and hopefully one more.

There are no easy answers for promotion, but I find that publish a short story every month helps my sales.  I am selling every month and am recieving royality checks also. 

What are you doing to promote your book????

Any ideas, let me know   E-Book  Print Version  E-Book  Print Book  E-Book  Print Version   E-Book

I have 4 full length books out.  I have 21 E-Books out total.  Short stories.  I have been publishing short stories all year.    Check out my author page at

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Write An E-Book A Month

Week 1:
Write a short story.  Write 1,000 words a day.  End of week, you have a short story.

Week 2  Work on Book Cover.  Use the Kindle Book Creater.  Finish short story

Week 3.  Edit Story.  Finish up on Book Cover

Week 4:  Format and Publish story

Next Month:  Repeat.

There is no need to pay anyone for anything to publish your writing.

Kindle has made it simple.

I have over 20 E-Books at Kindle.  I am writing, editing and publishing at my own pace and schedule.

Coming Soon

This year so far, I have written 14 E-Books and the year is not over yet.  What are you waiting for????


New Book Cover for my non-fiction book.  I created the cover at kindle.  Did not pay for it.  Simple and to the point.  One can also load up other imanges.  Something to look into.  No sense in paying hundreds of dollars for a book cover if you can do it yourself. 

Coming soon

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Avoid All Grave Yards Episode 14 of Me VS Zombies

All Episodes are 99Cents

All Books My Sharon Lee Johnson are at

Coming soon:

Write 12 E-Books in One Year  Write-Edit-Publish an E-Book every month

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Self Publish On A Budget

I am writing a non fiction book  Write 12 E-Books In One Year

I have wrote this book, I will have written it, edit it and publish it without paying anyone. 

I have learned to do in myself.

It was not that hard.

A year ago, the thought of me doing this never occurred to me.  I thought it would be too hard.  So I paid someone to format it for me.  No More.  I learned to format it myself.  Kindle has a PDF version that you can download and tells you excatly how to do it.

Stop Paying someone else, when you can do it yourself.

You can also create your own cover, with the Cover Creator on Kindle.

Why pay someone when you can do it yourself.

It is now my misson to tell everyone how easy it is to write and get published without going broke. 

I still have some editting for the book.  I did a trial run on the formatting and it looked fine.

Invest in yourself. 

Life VS Writing

This past month Life has gotten in the way of my writing.  My word count is down.  I have not been blogging or tweeting.  I have been in Hopital waiting rooms.  I bought my writing with me, but the stress of it all, I didn't write. 

I am now a care giver.  I did not want this job, but that is what you do for the ones you love.  That doesn't mean that I am giving up on my writing or publishing an Episode every month.  That just means that it is more of a struggle to write, when I have other things on my mind.  Yesterday I was back at the hospital and couldn't eat cause I was so stressed. 

Tonight I am happy to say that I wrote 2,000 words and have been on facebook and now blogging.

I think wrting keeps me sane.  I will soon Publish a non fiction book Write 12 E-Books in One Year.  I am editting it and will work on formatting it.  will be out by the first of the year. 

Life will get in the way.  Kids, family, work, but don't let that get in the way of your writing.  My word count might not of been a lot, but in the last month I published:  E-Book  Print Version


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Episode 13 Of Me VS Zombies The Smell Of Death

Episode 13 of Me VS Zombies

Episode 12 Of Me VS Zombies

Episodes 1-11  Of Me VS Zombies  Zombies Invaded My World

Zombie This!  Get your orginal Zombie Tee Shirts

Friday, September 6, 2013

Zombies Invaded My World

I just wanted a fun time with my boyfriend, Benny  Was that too much to ask?
Guess so 'cos after we boarded the fishing boat everyone turned into Zombies
Except me.
So there I was covered in blood and brain matter after killing a Zombie
with Benny giving me directions to finding "the bunker'.  What the-?
Poor Benny, I had to kill him before he turned.
So what's my problem now, you ask?  Well. I'm a city girl adrift at sea with no sense of direction.
Join me as I struggle my way to the bunker sure of only one thing-that I will encounter Zombie and Humans as I do my best to survive in this new world.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Do It Your Self Publishing

It is easier than you think.

I was going through my writing expenses,  I have spent over $1,000 on my writing this year.

That is because I had to pay someone to format my files for Kindle.  I had to pay someone to create my book covers.

Those days are over.  I have learned to Do It Myself


I publish only on Kindle.  It is all there on their website.  There is a PDF to download that tells you how to format your file.  Step by Step.  It is also available as an E-book  FREE  Grab a copy

Kindle has a Cover Coverter.  Create your own book cover right their on their website.  It is easier than you think.

Stop paying hundreds or thousand of dollars to have someone else do it for you.

I am no longer on someone else's schedule.  I can publish when I want.

I have learned to format my files and I created a cover with the Kindle Coverter. 

No longer can you use the excuse that it is expensive to publish a book. 

Take your writing career in your own hands and get that book published. 

I am publishing a book every month.  The month of September I will publish 2 short stories this month. 

I also recieved a royality check this month from Amazon.

I am a published writer and am selling books.  You can too.  Have a little faith in yourself.

Have any questions....Just ask.  I will help you anyway I can.  I am learning as I go and am willing to pass along what I learn.  I am not getting paid from Kindle or Amazon to tell you what I have learned. 

I am a published writer and I tell everyone.  I am no longer a closet writer. 

Have a Question?  Just ask